Enex 100 Perth

Most of the time, RSS installations prevent people from falling. Occasionally, however, we are called upon to prevent objects falling on people. At ENEX in central Perth, dramatic metal sculptures appear to float above diners in the Level 3 Food Podium.

WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle

At the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle, unusual architecture created a height-safety challenge for RSS. Anchor points and static lines now trace the perimeter of the building’s dramatic sails.

Dumas House

Not all of our work is visible from the sky. Roof Safety Solutions also designs and installs safety systems in the internal voids of high-rise buildings. At Dumas House on the edge of Perth’s Kings Park, Roof Safety Solutions undertook the work of replacing old timber platforms in the plumbing and air-conditioning service accessways. New code-compliant platforms, custom-fabricated in aluminium, were fitted in and around a maze of existing services.

Parliment House

Roof Safety Solutions is often contracted to ensure roof safety and fall arrest systems are compliant with the Code of Practice. The terracotta-tiled roof of Parliament House in Perth required a small network of custom-fabricated roof access walkways hidden from street-level view.

Perth Stadium Station

The eye-catching undulating roof of the Perth Stadium Station required an elegant solution without drawing the eye away from the unique architectural design. Roof Safety Solutions designed and installed a fixed static line system, ensuring workers were kept safe while working at heights, whilst preserving the look of the stations design.

The Perth Bell Tower

Not all height-safety systems are hidden on rooftops. For Perth's iconic bell tower, Roof Safety Solutions installed a static line system that both hides and harmonises. Can you spot it?

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