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Why you should get your height safety system inspected:

Did you know that under Western Australian law, the components of your roof access and height safety systems need to be inspected every 6 months to remain compliant?

Regulation 3.51 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 requires that a competent person inspect fall injury prevention systems. The regulation details the circumstances under which inspections should be carried out.

At Roof Safety Solutions, we take the hassle out of inspections, testing and certification, ensuring your height safety equipment remains compliant with a minimum of fuss. In the event that we find a non-compliant component, we can also arrange a quote for rectification works to bring your system back up to standard. As a result, you can rest assured that you have the proper precautions in place to avoid any incidents involving falls from height.

What We Offer

Our height safety inspectors are here to provide you with all the safety inspections you need, including:

  • 6 monthly roof access inspection
  • Roof anchor point testing
  • Inspection of all personal protection equipment used on site (to make sure it’s documented in the Equipment Inspection Register and to assess its performance)
  • All inspections as per Australian Standard 1891.4 Appendix C & D
  • Check that anchors are individually tagged and identified for accuracy of record keeping
  • Report completed so you know exactly what has been inspected, what condition it’s in and if any work requires doing
  • Remedial works quotations should your system be non-compliant

Height Safety System checks are the responsibility of the building owner. This means that you must ensure that all your roof anchor inspections and other height safety requirements are maintained. This will allow your company to ensure a safe working environment that complies with Western Australian legislation.

You can achieve a safe working environment by trusting Roof Safety Solutions. You’ll be guaranteed that all aspects of your height safety systems inspections are covered because we have the necessary knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Height Safety. We even offer services in auditing and design analysis as well as the supply, installation and maintenance of safety equipment.

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