Manufacture and Fabrication

Roof Safety Solutions manufactures a wide array of roof access equipment, including access ladders, step ladders, custom walkway and even custom made MecDec Mechanical platforms. Our fabrication workshop designs and manufactures purpose built, bespoke roof access solutions, tailor made to the individual needs of our clients and fully compliant with Australian Standards, AS1891 and AS1657. The materials and processes used are specified within the manufacture’s requirements and industry standards. At Roof Safety Solutions, our Perth workshop is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, including advanced machinery and load-testing facilities. With all these resources at hand, we have multi-capabilities to manufacture various safety products, ranging from small anchor points to complex platform systems for large scale projects.

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Parts Inventory

Roof Safety Solutions not only maintains a comprehensive stock of fall arrest and height safety components from SAYFA and Safetylink, including anchor points, ladder brackets, fold down ladders, guard rail, roof walkways and static lines. We also manufacture many of our own height access components, including access ladders, cage ladders, roof access hatches and platforms. Having parts on-hand means there are no delays when it comes to installing your roof safety system and we are able to provide you with a total height safety system with products we keep in stock. With our large inventory, storage and distribution service, we can ensure your goods are packed, tracked and delivered on time to meet your schedule needs.

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Rapid Appraisals

We don’t need much to get your project in the pipeline. In many cases, an address and brief overview of the requirements of your working at height safety system are all we need to get the ball rolling. By using high resolution aerial photography, we can make preliminary estimates on what the requirements of your roof safety system are and what will work best for your particular project, whether that be a basic fall arrest system, or a more comprehensive array of height safety equipment. Our experience in installation, drafting and estimating, combined with our project management skills and knowledge of regulations allow us to be fast and efficient when estimating or designing your roof access, roof safety and fall arrest systems.

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Sensible Solutions

We can help you achieve compliance, no matter what the needs or circumstances of your workplace or your industry, and our team can inspect your premises and recommend a comprehensive height safety solution. At Roof Safety Solutions, we believe strongly in being in control of the whole process from design through to manufacture, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible level of service and reducing project budget by eliminating any outsourcing work. The entire manufactured product will go through a stringent check by our quality assurance team prior to distribution and installation. This is to ensure our products are of the highest standards with the durability and functionality required in the most demanding of environment. Our solutions protect and safeguard the Australian working at height workforce, and we are able to provide an economical and practical solution to most imaginative design concepts at pre-tender stage of a project.

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We listen carefully to understand our client’s requirements and take pride in the quality of our workmanship. We work alongside our clients to design quality height safety solutions for their projects and our staff are highly trained in safety at heights, drafting, fabrication and installation. We have a dedicated projects team to manage all aspects of your project’s lifecycle and specialist re-certification engineers. Every stage of the process is documented, signed off and certified to meet or exceed the Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice. It’s not enough just to have the right safety equipment in today’s modern workplaces. You need to commit to ongoing maintenance and servicing of those products. Australia’s roof safety industry is unique, and what we do today may save the life of someone else tomorrow, which is why we take such pride in our work and what we produce.

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